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The useUndoInformation hook returns an UndoOrRedoInformation array that indicates if and how you can move the state of the underlying Store backward to the previous checkpoint.

useUndoInformation(checkpointsOrCheckpointsId?: CheckpointsOrCheckpointsId): UndoOrRedoInformation

The Checkpoints object to use to go backward: omit for the default context Checkpoints object, provide an Id for a named context Checkpoints object, or provide an explicit reference.


UndoOrRedoInformation about if and how you can move the state of the underlying Store backward.

This hook is useful if you are building an undo button: the information contains whether an undo action is available (to enable the button), the callback to perform the undo action, the current checkpoint Id that will be undone, and its label, if available.


This example uses the useUndoInformation hook to create an undo button.

const store = createStore().setTables({pets: {nemo: {species: 'fish'}}});
const checkpoints = createCheckpoints(store);
const App = () => {
  const [canUndo, handleUndo, id, label] = useUndoInformation(checkpoints);
  return canUndo ? (
    <span onClick={handleUndo}>Undo {label}</span>
  ) : (
    <span>Nothing to undo</span>

const app = document.createElement('div');
ReactDOMClient.createRoot(app).render(<App />);
// -> '<span>Nothing to undo</span>'

store.setCell('pets', 'nemo', 'color', 'orange');
// -> '<span>Undo color</span>'