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The persister-partykit-client module of the TinyBase project contains the client portion of the PartyKit integration.

It contains a Persister which, when run in a PartyKit client environment, lets you save and load Store data from the client to the durable PartyKit cloud storage of a server (that is using the complementary persister-partykit-server module).

This enables synchronization of the same Store across multiple clients in a PartyKit party room.

Note that both the client and server parts of this Persister are currently experimental as PartyKit is new and still maturing.

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There is one interface, PartyKitPersister, within the persister-partykit-client module.


There is one function, createPartyKitPersister, within the persister-partykit-client module.

Type Aliases

There is one type alias, PartyKitPersisterConfig, within the persister-partykit-client module.