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This series of guides helps explain the concepts behind TinyBase and is designed to complement the more comprehensive API documentation.

The Basics

These guides cover the very basics of TinyBase.

Building UIs

These guides cover how to use the ui-react module and use React hooks and components to easily build reactive user interfaces with TinyBase.


These guides discuss how to set up a ValuesSchema or TablesSchema on a Store so that certain structures of data are assured.


These guides discuss how to load and save data to a Store from a persistence layer.


These guides discuss how to merge and synchronize data in MergeableStore instances using synchronization techniques.

Using Metrics

These guides discuss how to define Metrics that aggregate values together.

Using Indexes

These guides discuss how to define Indexes that allow fast access to matching Row objects.

Using Relationships

These guides discuss how to define Relationships that connect Rows together between Table objects.

Using Checkpoints

These guides discuss how to use Checkpoints that allow you to build undo and redo functionality.

Using Queries

These guides discuss how to define queries that let you select specific Row and Cell combinations from each Table, and benefit from powerful features like grouping and aggregation.

Developer Tools

These guides discuss the developer tools that are available in TinyBase. These are not intended for production use, but are instead to be used as part of your engineering workflow to perform tasks like generating APIs from schemas, or schemas from data.

How TinyBase Is Built

These guides discuss how TinyBase is structured and some of the interesting ways in which it is architected, tested, and built.


These are some of the feasibly asked questions about TinyBase. We can't assert that they're 'frequently asked' yet, since we just launched.


This is a reverse chronological list of the major TinyBase releases, with highlighted features.