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Using React DOM Components

The reactive components in the ui-react-dom module let you declaratively display parts of a Store in a web browser, where the ReactDOM module is available.

These are generally implementations of the components we discussed in the previous guide, but are specifically designed to render HTML content in a browser.

Styling and class names are very basic, since you are expected to style them with CSS to fit your app's overall styling.

The easiest way to understand these components is to see them all in action in the UI Components demos. There are table-based components for rendering Tables, sorted Tables, Values, and so on:

ValuesInHtmlTableRenders Values.demo
TableInHtmlTableRenders a Table.demo
SortedTableInHtmlTableRenders a sorted Table, with optional interactivity.demo
SliceInHtmlTableRenders a Slice from an Index.demo
RelationshipInHtmlTableRenders the local and remote Tables of a relationshipdemo
ResultTableInHtmlTableRenders a ResultTable.demo
ResultSortedTableInHtmlTableRenders a sorted ResultTable, with optional interactivity.demo

There are also editable components for individual Cells and Values:

EditableCellViewRenders a Cell and lets you change its type and value.demo
EditableValueViewRenders a Value and lets you change its type and value.demo

We finish off this section with a best practice to avoid passing the global Store down into components. Please proceed to to the Using Context guide!