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Developer Tools

These guides discuss the developer tools that are available in TinyBase. These are not intended for production use, but are instead to be used as part of your engineering workflow to perform tasks like generating APIs from schemas, or schemas from data.

Inferring TablesSchemas

The TinyBase tools module includes a way to analyze existing data in a Store and attempt to generate a TablesSchema from it.

Generating APIs

TinyBase can take a TablesSchema and/or ValuesSchema (which have either been explicitly set, or inferred) and generate the code for type definitions and ORM-like implementations to wrap the Store.

Gathering Statistics

Finally, the Tools object lets you inspect various statistics about the size of a Store at runtime, via the getStoreStats method.

Command Line

TinyBase v2.2 includes a command line tool to assist with common actions in a non-programmatic tool chain.

Inspecting Data

TinyBase v4.1 includes the ui-react-dom module, with a collection of user interface components for rendering Store data in your app. It also contains a web-based inspector, the StoreInspector component, that allows you to reason about the data during development.