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The getRemoteRowId method gets the remote Row Id for a given local Row in a Relationship.

  relationshipId: string,
  localRowId: string,
): undefined | string

The Id of the Relationship.


The Id of the local Row in the Relationship.

returnsundefined | string

The remote Row Id in the Relationship, or undefined.

If the identified Relationship or Row does not exist (or if the definition references a Table that does not exist) then undefined is returned.


This example creates a Store, creates a Relationships object, and defines a simple Relationship. It then uses getRemoteRowId to see the remote Row Id in the Relationship (and also the remote Row Ids for a local Row that does not exist, and for a Relationship that has not been defined).

const store = createStore()
  .setTable('pets', {
    fido: {species: 'dog'},
    felix: {species: 'cat'},
    cujo: {species: 'dog'},
  .setTable('species', {
    dog: {price: 5},
    cat: {price: 4},

const relationships = createRelationships(store);

console.log(relationships.getRemoteRowId('petSpecies', 'fido'));
// -> 'dog'
console.log(relationships.getRemoteRowId('petSpecies', 'toto'));
// -> undefined
console.log(relationships.getRemoteRowId('petColor', 'fido'));
// -> undefined