The addDidFinishTransactionListener method registers a listener function with the Store that will be called just after other non-mutating listeners are called at the end of the transaction.

addDidFinishTransactionListener(listener: TransactionListener): string

A unique Id for the listener that can later be used to remove it.

This is useful if you need to know that a set of listeners have just been called at the end of a transaction, perhaps to batch their consequences together.

The provided TransactionListener will receive a reference to the Store and a boolean to indicate whether Cell values have been touched during the transaction. The latter flag is intended as a hint about whether non-mutating listeners might have been called at the end of the transaction.

Here, 'touched' means that Cell values have either been changed, or changed and then changed back to its original value during the transaction. The exception is a transaction that has been rolled back, for which the value of cellsTouched in the listener will be false because all changes have been reverted.


This example registers a listener that is called at the end of the transaction, just after its listeners have been called. The transactions shown here variously change, touch, and rollback cells, demonstrating how the cellsTouched parameter in the listener works.

const store = createStore().setTables({
  pets: {fido: {species: 'dog', color: 'brown'}},
const listenerId = store.addDidFinishTransactionListener(
  (store, cellsTouched) => console.log(`Cells touched: ${cellsTouched}`),
const listenerId2 = store.addTablesListener(() =>
  console.log('Tables changed'),

store.transaction(() => store.setCell('pets', 'fido', 'color', 'brown'));
// -> 'Cells touched: false'

store.transaction(() => store.setCell('pets', 'fido', 'color', 'walnut'));
// -> 'Tables changed'
// -> 'Cells touched: true'

store.transaction(() => {
  store.setRow('pets', 'felix', {species: 'cat'});
  store.delRow('pets', 'felix');
// -> 'Cells touched: true'

  () => store.setRow('pets', 'fido', {species: 'dog'}),
  () => true,
// -> 'Cells touched: false'
// Transaction was rolled back.

// -> 'Cells touched: undefined'
// It is meaningless to call this listener directly.