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The save method takes data from the Store with which the Persister is associated and persists it into storage, once, and then continuously.

startAutoSave(): Promise<Persister>

A Promise containing a reference to the Persister object.

This method first runs a single call to the save method to ensure the data is in sync with the persisted storage. It then continues to watch for changes to the Store, automatically saving the data to storage.

This method is asynchronous because it starts by making a single call to the asynchronous save method. Even for those storage types that are synchronous (like browser storage) it is still recommended that you await calls to this method or handle the return type natively as a Promise.


This example creates a Store with some data, and saves into the browser's session storage. Subsequent changes to the Store are then automatically saved to the underlying storage.

const store = createStore().setTables({pets: {fido: {species: 'dog'}}});
const persister = createSessionPersister(store, 'pets');

await persister.startAutoSave();
// -> '[{"pets":{"fido":{"species":"dog"}}},{}]'

store.setTables({pets: {toto: {species: 'dog'}}});
// ...
// -> '[{"pets":{"toto":{"species":"dog"}}},{}]'