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The forEachRelationship method takes a function that it will then call for each Relationship in a specified Relationships object.

forEachRelationship(relationshipCallback: RelationshipCallback): void

The function that should be called for every Relationship.


This has no return value.

This method is useful for iterating over the structure of the Relationships object in a functional style. The relationshipCallback parameter is a RelationshipCallback function that will be called with the Id of each Relationship, and with a function that can then be used to iterate over each local Row involved in the Relationship.


This example iterates over each Relationship in a Relationships object, and lists each Row Id within them.

const store = createStore().setTable('pets', {
  fido: {species: 'dog', next: 'felix'},
  felix: {species: 'cat', next: 'cujo'},
  cujo: {species: 'dog'},
const relationships = createRelationships(store)
  .setRelationshipDefinition('petSpecies', 'pets', 'species', 'species')
  .setRelationshipDefinition('petSequence', 'pets', 'pets', 'next');

relationships.forEachRelationship((relationshipId, forEachRow) => {
  forEachRow((rowId) => console.log(`- ${rowId}`));
// -> 'petSpecies'
// -> '- fido'
// -> '- felix'
// -> '- cujo'
// -> 'petSequence'
// -> '- fido'
// -> '- felix'
// -> '- cujo'