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Hello World v2

In this demo, we again set data in, and then get data from, a Store object. But this time we're using tabular data.

It's just a few changes to do so. Firstly we use the setCell method instead of the setValue method:

-store.setValue('v1', 'Hello World');
+store.setCell('t1', 'r1', 'c1', 'Hello World');

As you can see, instead of setting the keyed Value called v1, we're putting the data in a Cell called c1, in a Row called r1, in a Table called t1:

We also need to update the way in which we get the value back out again:

-document.body.innerHTML = store.getValue('v1');
+document.body.innerHTML = store.getCell('t1', 'r1', 'c1');

The result is the same but now hopefully you get a sense for how the keyed value and tabular APIs to the Store are going to work.

Next, we will set up a listener for data in the Store object and then change the Cell to see the display update. Please continue to the Hello World v3 demo.